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Tale of ladies who changed the world.

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Rising with a spine of steel and roaring like thunder, these Ladies fought for themselves against various odds, faced the world and turned wounds to wisdom.TTL portrays a small picture on the life of these exemplary women who have inspired girls, throughout the world, to be a dreamer and a doer. No force is as powerful as a woman’s determination to compete and when they do so, they end up empowering every person around them. TTL, recreating this determination into words, into ‘tales’, is portraying a bigger picture of everything a woman can be. Let’s celebrate these amazing feats and achievements through stories which, once again, acknowledge them as heroes, tales that outline their countless efforts and through their endeavors that have inspired us all, always. 

Every soul has a story to tell; these stories might be a source of inspiration for those in crisis and a relatable try and failure story of their own lives for many. TTL covers unheard stories of women on how she was raised, found their soul mates, fought for survival, pursued a career, be it as an artist, poet, politician, scientist, engineer, physician, entrepreneurs or any other careers whose journey could be a great interest for those who are willing to start.

As highlighted by Sam Blumenfeld in Practical Homeschooling, “If you wish to excel in your own life, there is no better place to find inspiration than in the lives of those who have changed our world and changed our lives for the better.”

Also, TTL appreciates and invites all you enthusiastic hands willing to be a part of this journey. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to remain notified of amazing stories of amazing women.

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