Jhamak Ghimire jiwan kada ki phool: A real tale of her life

Life is hard but not impossible. There are many people in this world to prove this statement right. Yes, life may be hard but some people had a life like a hell and still lived through it. One of those people whose life was on the edge is Jhamak Kumari Ghimire. Jhamak Ghimire jiwan kada ki phool article reflects the struggles of a differently able person who can neither move her limbs nor speak. 

Her miseries since her childhood were very unpleasant. But her story from being a neglected child to be a poet at present is what reflects the power of determination and sheer hard work. Despite being a differently-abled person in Nepal, the way she faced her challenges is truly inspiring.

The Helen Keller of Nepal, Jhamak Kumari Ghimire was born on 1 January 1980 in Dhankuta, Nepal. At present, she is a Nepali writer and a journalist at Kantipur media. She writes with her left leg since she was born with cerebral palsy. This is a permanent disorder that weakens bodily functions and senses.  

Jhamak kumari ghimire
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She has written several poems, articles, and books. She holds the most popular Nepalese Literature award the ‘Madan Puraskar’ for one of her writing ‘ Jiwan Kanda Ki Phul’.

Jhamak Ghimire’s story starts when she was born with the disorder. She could neither move her limbs nor speak. Because of this, she was often treated like an animal. The only person to take care of her was her grandmother who passed away when Jhamak was still young.

 Jhamak was always abandoned in the field while her mother was working on the farm. People used to call her “serpent” because she had to crawl on the ground to go anywhere. Her won parents wished her death thinking it would be easier if she died than living this way. 

She spent her childhood playing with mud and dirt. Her small sister used to go to school whereas no one thought of Jhamak’s education. She was left alone in the field with the desire to go to school herself. 

Jhamak Ghimire didn’t give up. With a mindset of learning, she first learned the words by simply hearing people speak. It was a challenge for her since she could just hear and not speak those words. Communicating with others was difficult since she can neither talk or gesture. Slowly she began to observe her sister’s books and listen to what her father was teaching her sister. 

She secretly began to scribble the Nepali alphabets on the ground. She used the earth as a notebook and coal or bamboo stick as a pencil. Using her left foot, she practiced writing the letters. Although her skin peeled and was bled she didn’t stop. 

The first letter she ever learned was ‘Ka’, her happiness was beyond this world but in the eyes of others, she was just playing with mud. There was a lot of trouble convincing her parents that she can write but they showed no interest. 

Jhamak had to beg and plead for a single notebook to write on. After much struggles, she finally got one and began writing on it with her left foot. She connected herself with the power of words and entered a world of knowledge and information.   

She could now communicate with the world through words. All her struggles were finally paying off. She wrote and practiced for 15 years. During that time, she scripted several articles and even sent some to local newspapers. In the span of 15 years, she alone produced 11 books. 

Jhamak Ghimire jiwan kada ki phool

jhamak ghimire jiwan kada ki phool
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Jhamak Ghimire’s ‘Jiwan Kada kiPhool’  is one of the autobiographies she wrote about her life. The article was published in 2010. She wrote about an ignored life, being a helpless and abandoned child. It included all of her struggles and challenges being a differently-abled person. 

It described living in hell, how the society turned away from her, judged her, and how Jhamak was a rebel against the expectations of others. She wrote about her struggles, her hardships. She has included even her life’s most humiliating moments for the readers to feel her pain. She has been honest about her feelings and her disability. 

She described how hard it is to communicate for her, to function daily bodily functions. People threw stones at her and called her a serpent. She also mentions her menstruation time, how she was locked up in a room for days. She didn’t just reflect herself but other women as well. 

Her words touch the soul. Her bravery and words inspire not just differently-abled people but everyone equally. 

After the awakening of Jhamak Ghimire’s literature skills, it didn’t take long to land on her own feet. Society began to accept her for her talent and determination. All the struggles she went through finally bloomed out like a flower. Despite living a life like a hell, she also remembers the people who supported her and calls her life a flower and not a thorn. She says no matter what form life is in, it gives joy and is beautiful. 

Jhamak Ghimire books

Jhamak Ghimire has been writing for a long time now. Some popular Jamak Kumari  Ghimire books include: 

Date of release Title of the book Title of the book in English
1998 Sankalpa Resolution—An anthology of poems
2000 Aaphnai Chita Agnishikhatira  My Burning Pyre—An anthology of poems
2000 Manchhebhitraka Yoddhaharu Hidden Fighters Within Man—An anthology of poems
2000 Awasaanpachhiko Aagaman Arrival after Death—Miscellaneous collection
2000 Samjhanaka Bachhitaharu Sprinklings of My Reminiscence—Collection of articles
Naulo Pratibimba Nobel Images—An anthology of poems
2005 Parda Samaya Ra Manchheharu Curtain, Time and Man—An anthology of short Stories
2007 Bemausamka Aasthaharu Untimely Beliefs—An anthology of essays
Jhamak Ghimireka Kavitaharu Jhamak Ghimire’s Poems—An anthology of poems
2010 iwan Kaanda Ki Phool A Flower in the midst of thorns—An autobiography in prose
2010 Raat Ra Bhootpretaharuko Santras Ghosts and Nightly Terror—An anthology of articles

Jhamak Kumari Ghimire Poems

People admire Jhamak Kumari Ghimire poems. They are meaningful, painful yet so beautiful. Some of Jhamak Ghimire’s popular poems are listed:

  • Sankalpa (Vow)-1998
  • Aafnai Chita Agni Shikhatira (Own’s funeral pyre towards the fire apex)-2000
  • Manche Bhitraka Yoddaharu (Warriors inside humans)-2000
  • Quaati
  • Awasan Pachhiko Aagaman (Arrival after the death)-2000

Jhamak Ghimire Achievements

  • Kabita Ram Bal Sahitya Prativa Puraskar Aswikrit Bichar Sahitya Andolan, 2055
  • Aswikrit Bichar Sahitya Puraskar Aswikrit Bichar Sahitya Andolan 2056
  • Madan Puraskar 2067.







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