Kamala Harris prosecutor, district attorney, politician, mother and many more..

Kamala Harris the Indian-African-American woman in politics: A prosecutor, District attorney, Campaign initiator, and a mother

The existence of Kamala Harris as a U.S senator proves that ethnicity, diversity, culture doesn’t matter to reflect what you are capable of. Kamala is an African-Indian-American politician elected in 2016 as a U.S Senate Democrat for California.

Kamala harris prosecutor
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She also holds the image of being the first Indian American who serves as a U.S. senator and the second African American on the same title in history.  Specifically, she serves the Select Committee on Intelligence, Homeland security, Governmental Affairs Committee, the Committee of Judiciary, and lastly Committee on Budget.

Bold since childhood

Kamala’s birthday is on October 20, 1964. She was born in Oakland and grew up there, California U.S. Growing up she always took her mom as a source of inspiration. Her mother is an Indian immigrant who was an activist as well as a breast cancer researcher. Kamala’s father was a Jamaican who was a professor at Stanford University. Kamala also has a younger sister Maya, who is now a public policy advocate. 

Kamala grew up watching actions of courageous leaders like Constance Baker Motley, Thurgood Marshall, and Charles Hamilton Houston. From their characteristics, she learned to be powerful. Powerful enough to protect oneself as well as others. Since childhood, Kamala knew the meaning of injustice and fought for it.


Kamala attended Howard University studying political science and economics. After earning an undergraduate degree from Howard University, she again studied law and achieved a law degree from Hastings College. Immediately after her graduation, she worked in Oakland as a deputy district attorney. During this time, she got a proper view of society and it’s problems. She rose against violence and initiated her actions against drug abuse, gang violence, and sexual assaults. 

Considering her performances against crime, she ranked higher in her profession and became the district attorney of the city of San Francisco in 2004. Kamala also started campaigns that gave opportunities to the first time drug offenders a chance to go high school and helped them find a decent job.

Kamala harris district attorney

Kamala Harris is a perfect example of a hard-working woman. After performing numerous positive actions for the society, she completed her two-term in the District Attorney of San Fransisco. Her rank in the district attorney outnumbered others. As a result in 2010, Kamala won the election for the attorney general of California. Thus Kamala Harris became the first woman and first African American for the post of the attorney general of California.

Kamala was involved in her work more seriously working day and night. She held accountable corporations and protected the vulnerable people in the state. Kamala helped in campaigns like marriage equality for all Californians, protect the Affordable Care Act, defending California’s landmark climate change law, prosecuted gangs involved in trafficking of guns, drugs, and even humans.

After that, she fought for the people as well as political independence. She helped raise wages for working people, improve healthcare for all over, address the abuses going on in-country, reform the broken criminal justice system, assist military families and those in need, and easy access for childcare for busy working parents.

Kamala Harris husband and family

Kamala harris husband family
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Image Source: cleverlandjewishnews.com

In 2014, Kamala Harris married Douglas Emhoff who was rising and popular within the political parties. The couple lives in Los Angeles with two children Ella Emhoff and Cole Emhoff. Noting that Kamala is a stepmother to both children.

Kamala Harris election

Kamala was in the process of raising her profile nationally. After her marriage, Kamala signed up for the U.S senate. The election was held by Barbara Boxer who was on the verge of retiring at that time. As from Kamala’s previous activities and her ongoing activities people loved and supported her. From increasing wages, generating employment to women’s reproductive and marriage rights, she had got it all covered. And thus Kamala won the election.

Kamala harris prosecutor

In 2017, Kamala took the office and started serving the Judiciary committee and select committee on Intelligence. Her actions included questioning witnesses during hearings for which she was widely criticized. During her journey, he prosecuted many criminals for which she was praised but as well as criticized. Criminals often held grudge against her and her life is always at stake. But as a prosecutor, she fulfills her duty and is doing an excellent job in protecting the citizens of the country.

kamala harris district attorney
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Despite her risks, she was ready to apply for the presidential nominations in 2020. Among all the contenders she was in the center of attention because of the debate she had with fellow candidate Jow Biden. The debate started on the topic of school busing in race-related topics for which Joe Biden has opposed. 

Despite Kamala’s supports, she had to drop out of the race. She didn’t give up on her works and notably became an advocate for social reform for the death of George Floyd who was in police custody. Kamala embraced the political maneuver on public social change. 

The country was shaking on justice for racial discrimination and injustice due to the death of George Floyd. At this time many democrats called on Biden to select an African American woman as his presidential running mate. Thus in August Biden chose Kamala as his running mate. Kamala Harris became the first Black woman to appear in a major party. 


Kamala Harris truly is a hero for California and the nation. She is a prosecutor and a fighter for justice. Saving and shielding she has reached one of the tops with the aim of going even higher. A woman like Kamala is what changes the perspective of women in our society. We need more heroes and powerful women like her.





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