Everything you need to know about Shrinkhala Khatiwada Miss Nepal 2018

Who is Shrinkhala Khatiwoda?

shrinkhala khatiwada miss Nepal 2018
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Shrinkhala Khatiwoda is the most charming and popular icon, Miss Nepal 2018 who has won millions of hearts of Nepalese people and represented Nepal in Miss world 2018. She is the second Nepali to be the winner of the Beauty with a Purpose award after Ishani Shrestha among the top 12 Miss World 2018. She is also the winner of the multimedia award in pageant prelims among the top 30 finalists. Therefore, by profession, she is an Architect.

Early Life and Family Background

shrinkhala khatiwada miss Nepal 2018 family
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Shrinkhala Khatiwada was born on 3rd November 1996 in Hetauda Province 3 but is currently living in Thasikhel, Lalitpur Nepal. She belongs to a political family, where her father Birodh Khatiwada is a CPN (UML) leader who was elected as a member of central parliament, and her mother Munu Sigdel Khatiwada president of CPN (UML) Makwanpur district. She also has an older brother Bimba Khatiwoda who is currently in Australia right now.

Education and Qualification

Shrinkhala was a very talented student ever since her childhood. She was interested in designing and creative stuff. She also loves writing, reading, traveling, and trekking. As talented as she already is, she enjoys composing poetry and also has been writing children’s novels. Completing her SLC from Hetauda Academy and High School from Goldengate International College with distinction, she graduated as a batch topper from IOE Pulchowk Campus in Architecture Engineering.

Shrinkhala was always amused by Beauty Pageants but had never planned for it. But after completing her engineering she finally felt confident to give it a try. But before joining it, she had gone to Bipashana for meditation where she was always thinking about the talent rounds in Miss Nepal and preparing for the competition. Similarly, since she had a habit of writing she used to write down her thoughts, ideas, and also poems in her free time.  

Shrinkhala Khatiwada Miss Nepal 2018, Beauty Pageant Winner

Finally, Shrinkhala joined the Beauty Pageant, Miss Nepal. She didn’t have any specific sort of plan though. She was selected and was competing well. In the talent round she recited a poem written by her “Colors” which was based on women who faced harassment and were rape victims. She has said that the competition was tough for her because former Miss Nepal Nikita Chandak had brought some changes in this award and presented it beautifully.

shrinkhala khatiwada miss Nepal 2018
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Shrinkhala became the titleholder of the 23rd edition of Miss Hidden Treasure 2018 where she was crowned by former Miss Nepal Nikita Chandak. Besides that, she also won Miss Beautiful Hair and Yamaha Miss Fascino. Competing among 118 other contestants and was placed among the top 12 finalists. She went through a head-to-head challenge and won the first round through it from group 13.

Similarly, due to the highest number of votes among the contestants on 3rd December 2018, she won the title of Multimedia Award which placed her directly in the Top 30 of Miss World 2018, and in the same evening she became the second runner up of the Sanya tourism video award which was based on creative content. 


After winning the Miss Nepal 2018 campaign, Shrinkhala eventually got involved in different social activities. She volunteered for the past earthquake reconstruction at Jaraayotaar and Melamchi at Sindhupalchowk and has helped many needy ones by the income gained from the contest. She built a health post for Chepang village of Bharta before the Miss World Pageant as an entry for the subtitle “Beauty with a Purpose”.

Shrinkhala Khatiwoda social works
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Before the villagers had to walk miles to reach the nearest health camp but now since it has built nearby it was easier for the people living there to reach health camps. She explains “ A health post is for treatment, but prevention of disease is just as important”. She also taught the villagers about proper hygiene like showering, hand washing, and building lanterns. Since the village is in a remote area she even decided to make a road for its better development and hoped to finish construction for Dashain. 

As for her behavior, Shrinkhala is very serene in nature and is calm and polite. She is very concerned about developing the backward societies and people rather than ranking high on the political position by showing false hopes. She further plans to be focusing on architecture through her One Hone Foundation and wants to become a change-maker rather than focus on glamor. She says that “ Glamor is a platform where you get famous overnight but it is up to you to use the fame”.

Gossips and Rumours

According to the source and media, Shrinkhala is currently dating popular Nepali vlogger Sisan Baniya. The rumors started spreading all over social media when they had gone on a 45 days Europe trip after a picture of them got viral on her Instagram page in Istanbul, Turkey 2019. Though she hasn’t confirmed her relationship all the photos and videos posted show that she has a soft corner for him.

Unknown Facts About Shrinkhala Khatiwoda

  • The name Shrinkhala was given by her grandfather because it was very unique and he also feels proud of it, besides this her nickname is Phunu.
  • She has won many Architecture Design competitions some are: Asian Paints Design Competition, Architecture Student Award 2016, Heroes of the Future, Architecture Student Award National 2017.
  • Her dream is to be lady Prime Minister of Nepal.
  • Her favorite book of hers is The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Eleven Minutes.
  • Her favorite song is Come Away With Me by Norah Jones.
  • Her favorite food is Dal Bhat with chicken curry.
  • Recently she has been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of the longest ISP of Nepal, Worldlink.


She came up with helping the nation so everyone should get inspiration and keep hand in hand with her. As we can see she is actively taking part in social activities. Recently, Shrinkhala has also been accepted to Harvard University Graduate School of Design and she has shared her happiness with her fans through social media.

We hope to see her other plans and achievements too in near future and be supportive towards a better nation. 

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