Tale of a Toddler

cute toddler smiling
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We all have a life that is a big tale in itself. All of us have won and lost to our inner selves time and again. Each one of us has battled with ourselves, with all those forces of nature and fought our train of insecurities to come out supreme and perhaps even succumb to it at times. Nevertheless, life is worth contemplating, everytime. Be it an infant who has to observe all newfangled visions or an old aged, who has seen a lifespan of different things, each life is a beautiful journey to be told, a journey full of achievements, milestones along with failures and lessons, a tale full of experience.

Such an untold story is the life of a fledgling toddler, whose tale is a perfect paradigm of how nature and it’s charisma is. Each step in their life is a milestone. From communicating with their mother to observing things around them later, they self develop at such a tremendous pace that their first step is not even that far away. Years later, they stop eating from their mother’s hand and show tantrums, adorable attitudes, those irk yells for that ball or a car or a doll. The first word they speak, the first picture they draw, the first makeup they put on, if these aren’t one of the most beautiful tales then what is?

It’s amazing how toddlers learn from experiences. The hot pot they once touched will always be hot for them that they’ll always refrain from going near. Their milk bottle becomes a therapy to placate them, the jingle bells above their cot is what they look for everytime. They have these indulging games of going back and forth or peekaboo that we play along and enjoy alongside. Their unspoken gestures speak thousands of words and how their loudest cries make all senses to people around. One of the most graceful things about holding a child is it brings out the inner child in us too.

So why a ‘tale of a toddler’ amid these tales of exemplary women? What do they teach us? The answer is everything. First they teach us to admire and appreciate nature’s gift, childbirth, this little joy of life. Secondly, their journey towards life is an inspiration itself. Constantly battling with failures and challenges, taking risks everytime and conquering them eventually. Isn’t this something that we’ve always been doing in our lives so far?

toddler with mother
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Sometimes we all get caught up in teaching them so many things that we never really realize what we should be learning from them too. Toddlers teach us to be expressive and open our heart to love and care. They inspire us to be curious and determined. Ask them something, they’ll have an opinion of things they know, they have individualism, perspective, humility and most importantly, patience. They make us realize that imperfection is actually okay.

Do they judge anyone? Do they hide their feelings? Do we see them pondering on their insecurities? They teach us not to cry alone and let your loved ones know your pain and needs. They show us how scary silence is. If we don’t ask for anything we need, nobody is going to give us anything, ever. The life of a toddler, with little memory and too much effort and failures, it seems kind of unfair, right? They all teach us this unfairness of life we face down the years, time and again about how life at times can be deceptive, unjust, perhaps partial. But having said about life being unfair, it still is, and always will be beautiful because at the end of the day, happiness is all about those small steps we take towards success.

A toddler’s journey to childhood is one of the pure and beautiful tales there can ever be. Their innocuous journey, the happiness train they make us feel inside and all those life lessons we can all relate to, are always such a beautiful appreciation. Like all of us, they crave being loved and reflect the same when they feel it. They feel happiness within themselves and so should we. These stories of a toddler, such a strong start of life, such a beautiful tale to be told.

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